Saturday, April 26, 2008


I saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun to do one for myself. This is an all-about-me in the format of an elementary school VIP poster- including pictures where the students would put them. Oh, and it might be because I've been up all night, but the thought of being the VIP made me think of a song my mom used to sing. Weird. Anyway:

All About Me

I am 23 years old.

My favorite color is pink.

My favorite animal is the giraffe.

My favorite food is potatoes.

This is what I look like:
My Family...:
Home is my favorite place.

When I grow up I want to be a mom:

My favorite thing to do is be with Steve:
If I had one wish I would wish for everyone I know to be happy:
be happy

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I stole this from Lena... thought it would be appropriate to fill out at 5 in the morning. :)

5 years ago I was ... getting ready to graduate high school, still trying to decide where to do my first semester of college, singing with the a'cappella choir, finishing up my cna license, and working 3 jobs.

5 months ago I was ... still waiting for Steve to figure out how amazing I am, working on decorating a house, settling in at the new hospital post-move, reading tons of books, and making my Christmas list

5 hours ago I was ... turning patients, checking a blood sugar, settling someone into bed, taking vitals, and deciding what to eat for dinner

5 minutes ago I was ... listening to someone talk about how he eloped, getting a warm blanket, eating chex mix, copying this survey, and trying to stay awake

5 things on my 'to do' list today: pick up Mac, library, grocery store, call the seamstress, and cook dinner

5 recent pieces of mail I've received: wedding announcement, gas bill, zoo party invite, t-ville news, victoria's secret catalog

5 of my bad habits: nail biting, swearing, gum popping, cracking my knuckles, and sarcasm

5 good memories: slurpees with Ally, the night Steve proposed, receiving my endowment, anything with my sister, long talks with my mom

5 films I watch over and over again: Princess Bride, Grease, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Transporter, Transformers

5 places I've lived: Creek Road, Sandy, Saint George, Taylorsville, and Murray

5 songs I love: Question (Old 97's), Habanera (Kate Nash), Hotel Song (Regina Spekter), Don't Move (Butch Walker), Cigarette Lighter Love Song (Butch Walker)

5 jobs I've had: Janitor, Piano Teacher, Wedding Server, CNA, RN

5 things most people don't know about me: I can't whistle, I can say the alphabet backward, I make a really good monkey face, I once had my belly button pierced, I am now the proud owner of a wedding dress

5 things in my virtual shopping bags: Tungsten wedding band for Steve, Hot shoes for the wedding, some digital prints I just sent to walgreens, a super cute dress, some new make up

5 books I love to death: The twilight series, Agnes and the Hitman, The Book of Mormon (I'm counting the series as the three books it actually is)

5 things that are out of place around my house: Some dishes in the sink, some shoes on my floor, a cup on the coffee table, a blanket on the living room floor, and my second set of sheets (they're in the dryer)

5 films I want to see: Definitely, maybe; Kung Fu Panda; the original Italian Job; Indiana Jones; Wall E

5 things I love to eat: Ice cream, steak, baked potatoes, homemade stuffing, brocolli

5 destinations I'm dying to see: New York City, D.C., Portugal, Africa, South America

5 scents I love: Steve, my laundry detergent, fresh cut grass, rain, pot roast

5 people (who are not blood relations or in-laws) who have had a positive impact on my life: Ally, Steve, Bishop Decker, The Brighton Babes (I'm counting you all as 1 person), Lauren

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well, I have a lot to say and not sure how to say it. I could play a mean joke and tell you all that we broke up, but I won't do that cause I'm just so happy. :)

Steve was acting a little weird yesterday about making plans for last night. He went to priesthood with my dad and brother and then went out to dinner with them. He wanted to take me to dinner but my mom talked him into going with the boys so he could be part of the family tradition. After he got back he told me that he wanted to go take a walk on temple square or at a park somewhere, so despite it being freaking cold we trekked it up to temple square.

We were walking around and he told me that he wanted to show me his favorite spot on temple square. So, we walked over and sat on a bench. I, of course, had to ruin the moment by complaining that my bum was frozen cause the bench was cold. Before I could get up and walk away, though, he dropped down to one knee and pulled out the ring box. He opened it up and before he could even get any words out I burst into tears. I think he got a little emotional too, but I was so mesmerized by the sparkle that I'm not sure. He looked me in the eyes and said, "Annicka, I love you. I want to spend eternity with you. Will you be my wife?"

I, of course, said yes.

And now, my lovely readers, some pictures...