Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In less than a month...

Well, we are officially 20 days from The Big One. 20 days... that's less than three weeks. Holy canolli!

I moved into our new place yesterday. I spent most of today (well, Tuesday, it's still today to me) decorating and making our house a home. We still don't have cupboard doors, they come in a week, but I've got some decorations up, things put in cabinets, etc. I haven't hung any pictures yet, but I'll probably do that this weekend. My neighbors will LOVE that. I love, Love, LOVE our kitchen. It's big enough for both of us to be in there doing things at the same time. There is probably triple the counter space from my last place. The kitchen was really the deciding factor for me in getting this place.

The saga of today is that for some reason Questar turned our gas off instead of turning it on. This means no pilot light in the water heater, which means no hot water. Without hot water I can't do dishes, I can't do laundry, and I can't shower. No bueno. I'm going to call them in the morning and hopefully get it straightened out.

We have a lovely spare bedroom that will (hopefully soon) have a futon of some sort in it, so we can have people come stay with us. We're pretty excited about that. For now it's got the computer desk (which will most likely become craft central since we both use laptops), my keyboard, my primping station (our bathroom is tiny, I had to put it somewhere!), and lots of empty boxes. Mostly we're just grateful to have lots of storage space.

And, miracle of miracles, we get tv in this house! Hooray! In my last place we were supposed to get cable but my tv would never pick it up. In the new place I had no problem getting channels galore. It's a lovely thing to know I won't have to watch back episodes of my favorites (Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Psych, and Chuck) online anymore... if I'm not working I can watch it from the comfort of my own couch. I'm also pretty excited about the papa-san chair we're getting from Nik and Lena. We've actually got the space for it!

So, that is the apartment-to-home transformation update. I can't believe that in less than a month I won't be living there alone anymore. I'll be a Mrs., have a husband, and be sharing my bed, my life, and so much more.

Hope everyone else is doing well!


Ash said...

i would like to see pictures of your humbles abode. por favor?

Meg said...

Yay!! It's nice to be done moving isn't it? Sounds good, wish I had a big ole' kitchen!

Sarah Layton said...

Wow your wedding is so close! How exciting! We wish you the best in the coming weeks. You need to post pictures of your new place!