Friday, August 10, 2007

Two in a row? You'd better believe it...

A new update before the regularly scheduled post: I just read that President James E. Faust passed away about an hour ago. I just want to take a moment to remember a wonderful man who had a very personal connection to my life. President Faust is the man that essentially converted and baptized my Grandma Hatch. Without this man's influence in my family my life would probably be very different today. Also, as an extremely insecure 14 year old girl, he once told me I was beautiful and to never let anyone else tell me differently. May we all remember this great and wonderful man and strive to live the things he taught and so thoroughly exemplified in his own life.

So, I don't know why I feel so posessed to write 2 days in a row, but I do, so y'all get to suffer through it with me. Ah, the joys of being my friend, eh?

My boss asked me this week to be a "unit champion" of a new program we're instituting among our staff. It's called Healing Connections and essentially it's a program that teaches nurses and other hospital staff how to interact with their patients and coworkers. She apparently thinks I've got the right personality and attitude to not only master this particular program but to effectively teach it to the other staff members I work with. When she first asked me to do this I sort of laughed and responded with, "You have met me, right?" Guess we'll see how it goes, if nothing else I'll get paid to attend some trainings and I just might come out of it all learning something new and useful. I do find it a little silly, though, that someone has copyrighted and marketed the basics of talking to a patient.

I'm wearing my hot pink scrubs again. What I realized on my way out the door for work tonight, though, is that my purse also happens to match said scrubs. I'm even wearing pink shoes. This might be a little overboard. My dad called me The Pink Lady. The pink memo apparently went out to the rest of the staff as well considering that there were 4 other girls wearing pink scrubs tonight too.

I've decided that things happen when you least expect them to. Just when you think you've got the game under control life throws you a curve-ball. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, I happen to know how to hit a home run off a curve-ball. I just find it interesting that as soon as I get too content with where my life is the changes start. This is good. I like change. I think it keeps things interesting, and keeps me from becoming lazy and complacent.

I met a nurse tonight that told me he could get me in to see the right people to get me a job in the operating room. This is my dream for my career, and I'm strongly considering using this connection in the near future. I'll have to think on this for a bit. Please, share your thoughts as well.

Butch Walker is the man. If you're not familiar with him you should become so. His music is real, simple, awesome to sing along to, not to mention he put on the best live concert I've ever been to. Someday I'll meet him and my life will be complete.

I had a patient try and grope me tonight. I never thought this would occur in my pink scrubs. They must make me look extra-curvaceous and not as pregnant as my others (Not that I am pregnant, scrubs just make me seem that way).

Well, I feel as though I've relieved some of my strange compulsion to write. Hope you all enjoyed this little piece of what's occuring in my mind at any given moment.

Much love!


Tara said...

I think I need to see these pink scrubs. I've heard so much about them...

And I say go for the Operating Room job--onward and upward!

Greg-o said...

I say never hesitate when it comes to achieving your dreams - especially when the opportunities are so obvious and usable!

And work the pink...I think I may need to buy a pink shirt and join the club...