Friday, August 31, 2007

Two Roads Diverged...

I read a book today that I recommend everyone read. It was called Girl With a Pearl Earring. It's by Tracy Chevalier. They made a movie of it last year, I believe. Anyway, in this book the main character, Griet, talks about an 8-pointed star set into the ground in the city. Each of the points, obviously, leads a person to a different part of the city and a different occurence in Griet's day and life.

I feel as though I'm standing in the middle of this 8-pointed star. I have so many choices in front of me right now, and yet I have no idea which direction I want to take. This isn't necessarily a choice between right or wrong, good or bad, pass or fail. This is more a matter of good, better, or best. None of the paths from my star are a wrong decision, it's about deciding which right choice is the best choice for me.
None of the paths are strewn with rose petals. They all will require some hard work, elbow grease, the need to get a little dirty, and possibly some heavy lifting to clear obstacles out of my way. This doesn't scare me. I was raised not to fear hard work, but to embrace it. The part that scares me is that once I start something I don't give up on it. My purely stubborn nature won't allow me to admit defeat, turn back, and try another path. Whichever one I take I will devote myself to 100%.
So I stand in the center of my star, turn slowly in a circle, and wonder...
Which way do I go?