Monday, September 10, 2007

Understanding me

For all of the masks I wear, all of the different shows I put on for different people, I really am a very simple person at my core. There's a poem by Rilke which describes very well what I'm looking for in my life. It goes like this:

"I'd like to sing someone to sleep,
By someone sit, and be still.
I'd like to rock you and murmur a song
Be with you on the fringes of sleep
Be the one and only awake in the house
Who would know that the night is cold.
I'd like to listen both inside and out,
Into you, and the world, and the woods.
The clocks call out with their toiling bells,
And you can see to the bottom of time.
Down in the street a stranger goes by
And bothers a passing dog.
Behind come silence, I've laid my eyes
On you like an open hand,
And they hold you lightly and let you go,
When something moves in the dark."

Peace, security, safety, love, and happiness. This is what I want from my life.