Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Happy Experiment

So, occasionally I hit this point in my life where I need to remind myself of all of the things I love in this world. That's when I break out my "Things I love" list. I read it, I add to it, I learn from it. Here is the list so far:

~Holding hands
~Seeing old men dote on their wives
~The rain
~Giving sound advice
~A hug from a friend I haven't seen in a long time
~Silly bets
~Pink socks
~Polka dots
~Nice hands
~A new bra
~My car
~A good meal
~My job
~Falling asleep all cuddled up next to someone
~The smell of a guy fresh out of the shower in a tshirt right out of the laundry
~Having a good cry
~Taking pictures
~Reading an uplifting book
~Driving around with the windows down
~Singing along to the radio at the top of my lungs
~A smile from a stranger
~Asking my mom and dad for advice
~Seeing my friends in happy, healthy relationships
~Getting a pedicure
~Text messaging
~Discovering a great new band
~Live shows
~Lip gloss
~Spongebob boxers
~The beach
~Henna tattoos
~Making new friends
~Being accepted how I am
~Shirts that are long enough to cover my back when I sit down
~Shoes (especially heels)
~Reconnecting with friends from my distant past
~Flip flops
~Skirts in the summer
~Family Heirlooms
~Brushing my teeth
~Fresh-cut flowers in my bedroom
~Clean sheets
~Movies that make me think
~An unexpected visit from an out-of-town friend
~New clothes
~Good hair days
~Playing the piano
~Singing the hymns in church
~Tan lines
~A kiss on top of the head, just because he can
~A firm handshake
~Reading to my brother

And newly added tonight:
~Reading the classics
~Sappy movies
~Love notes
~Having Greg's "family" at Sunday dinner
~Men that dress well
~Women that dress well
~Men that dress well as women
~New underwear
~Patterned socks
~My iPod
~Ice cream in the middle of the night
~Mastering a recipe
~"Girl talk"
~The smells of autumn
~Friends at work
~Feeling motivated to put on make up
~Not feeling obligated to put on make up
~When people are glad to see me
~Free massages
~Piano music
~Game shows
~Educational field trips
~Rootbeer popsicles
~A good, solid argument
~Dancing with someone
~Black and white photography
~Bermuda shorts

Now, everyone take a cleansing breath...just kidding. I feel like sometimes all I do is whine about what's going wrong in my life, so I like to take a few moments and realize all of the fantastic things I experience regularly. I have so much to be grateful for and so much I take for granted. My goal for the week: Take the negative and find a way to make it positive.


Tara said...

"Men who dress well as women." Brilliant...You made me laugh out loud with that one :)