Tuesday, July 24, 2007

That time of the morning...

Well my fabulous readers (okay, more likely just a single reader) it's time for another update in the wonderful world of me.

I did something this past week that I recommend everyone do at least once in their lifetime. Go be a tourist in the city you live in. It's an interesting experience. I went on a field trip on Wednesday with my brother to just check some of the cool places here in Salt Lake that he'd never seen. We began our afternoon with a ride on Trax where we played the "count the American flags" game, aka my way of keeping him entertained til we got downtown. Needless to say he kicked my butt and almost doubled my score. Once we'd arrived downtown we took a short walk to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where we went and looked out at downtown from the top level. Mostly it just made me hungry since we could smell food cooking in the Garden restaurant. McKay took the liberty of showing me where all the best places to jump from were. After that little excursion we meandered our way over to the conference center. We joined forces with a group from out of state for a tour of the vast building. Let me just say that there are some parents in this world that need to keep better control on their children. I would've been embarassed if Mac had acted like these kids. After our trip to the top of the center and back we decided to go to the Church History Museum, a very informative (and perfectly air conditioned) establishment.

After many potty stops, historical facts, and a whole roll of black and white pictures we hopped another Trax train back to the south end of the valley. All in all, a nice afternoon in the blazing heat.

I've made a goal to go on at least one date a month. The unfortunate part of this goal? No one ever asks me on dates. The moral of this story: I'm going to have to get brave in a hurry and start asking boys out.

I went to my new ward on Sunday. There's some pretty good eye-candy to be had. Greg and I have decided to nickname the members of the ward. So far we have The Resident and Mini-Mo. A fair start after just one week, in my opinion. There was also a guy in lavender pants. It takes serious confidence to wear lavender pants and a pink shirt to church. Kudos to him. Sitting in church on Sunday, though, made me have a bit of a mini-epiphany, this being that I have a strange attraction to slightly overweight balding or bald men. Strange, I know, but what can you do? They need love too.

Last, but certainly not least, I have a raging crush on one of my coworkers. He sat next to me in staff meeting and smelled so fantastic that I just had to lean over and take a whiff. He found that entertaining. Now, there are 2 problems with this scenario, first and foremost: He has a long term girlfriend that he's terrified to marry. Secondly, and slightly less important: I have a policy about dating coworkers...namely, I don't do it. Ah well, he keeps me excited to come to work. That'll do for now.

Alas, children, that is all I have for you tonight. Remember: The glass may be half full, it may be half empty...sometimes it's just half a glass.