Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Mess That is My Life

Okay, so my life really isn't that big of a mess. In fact, things are going really well and almost entirely according to plan.

I took my state licensing boards this week. I wasn't as nervous for them as I probably should've been, therefore I really didn't study for them as much as I probably should have. The test kicked me out after 75 questions, the minimum for this particular test. That means I either bombed it terribly or aced it. I'm hoping for aced. After I came out of the test I was going through the routine with the woman running the center when she suddenly stops, puts hands on hips, and looks up into my face (she was about 5 feet tall and spoke with a heavy middle eastern accent) and says to me, "You're not chewing gum, are you!?!?" Me, having just come out of the hardest and most important test of my life can't come up with a fabulous answer on the spot so I say, "Oh, it's been stuck to the roof of my mouth." She gets a very concerned look on her face and says, "There is to be no gum chewing in the testing room. I usually ask before I take you in, you didn't appear to be chewing it then so I didn't ask." At this point I'm wondering how it's my fault that she didn't do her job, and basically just wanting to get out of there so I say, "Well, sorry. I didn't know." She throws me one last reproving look and sends me on my way. That, my friends, plus the very attractive man at the front desk, was my ever-exciting experience at the Pearson-Vue Testing Center this week.

Well, that's about all my life has to offer right now. Between that excitement and my new ipod (LOVE IT!!!) I've stayed busy.

Much love!